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A detailed summary of an account. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary
See deposit receipt, withdrawal receipt. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary

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statement state‧ment [ˈsteɪtmənt] noun [countable]
1. something you say or write publicly or officially to let people know your intentions or opinions, or to record facts:

• False statements on your tax form could land you in jail.

• The Congressman issued a statement to the press.

• The brokers had made misleading statements.

ˌchairman's ˈstatement FINANCE
the statement that the chairman of a company makes to shareholders once a year, telling them about the company's performance over the past year:

• In his chairman's statement, he explains why the group has overhauled the presentation of the annual report.

enˌvironmental ˈimpact ˌstatement abbreviation EIS ECONOMICS
in the US, a document that studies the possible effects to the environment of an intended industrial or commercial activity:

• The project is frozen pending an environmental impact statement.

ˈmission ˌstatement
a short written statement made by an organization, intended to communicate its aims to customers, employees, shareholders etc:

• The bank's mission statement uses language such as “Our personal conduct will reflect the highest professional standards.”

ˈproxy ˌstatement
a statement containing information about a company and its directors, which must be sent to shareholders before they can give permission to someone to vote on decisions that affect the company:

• If you are a registered stockholder, click here to learn more about receiving your annual report, proxy statement and proxy card online.

regisˈtration ˌstatement FINANCE
in the US, a document giving information about a company, that the company has to give to the Securities and Exchange Commission before selling its shares to the public:

• The company filed a registration statement to offer 2.6 million shares of common stock.

2. FINANCE a list showing amounts of money paid, received, owing etc and their total:

• You will receive a monthly statement showing the state of your account.

ˈaverage ˌstatement
INSURANCE a statement saying how much each person or organization must pay when the cost of damage to a ship or the goods it is carrying is shared between the insurers and the owners
ˈbank ˌstatement BANKING
a statement sent regularly by a bank to a customer, showing the money that has gone into and out of their account over a particular period of time
comˈpletion ˌstatement LAW
a statement that shows how much money a buyer owes a seller at the end of a contract:

• You will not know the precise balance until you have prepared a completion statement.

ˌfinancial ˈstatement ACCOUNTING FINANCE
1. a statement showing the financial state of a business, at the end of a particular period of time, including its balance sheet, profit and other necessary information:

• The annual financial statement showed that operating profits slipped from £27.9 million to £26.5 million.

• The company hasn't filed (= sent to the authorities ) its financial statement for its fiscal year ended March 31.

• the consortium's consolidated financial statement (= one showing the results of a group of companies )

ˈfunds flow ˌstatement ACCOUNTING FINANCE
a statement showing money coming into and going out of a business in a particular period of time, where this money came from, and what it was used for. Two types of this statement are the source and application of funds statement and the cash flow:

• The funds flow statement explains the change in cash balances over the year.

ˈincome ˌstatement also ˈoperating ˌstatement ACCOUNTING FINANCE
a statement showing the amount of money earned and spent in a particular period of time by a company; = profit and loss account Bre:

• According to the company's income statement, reported net income of $35 million is down sharply from a record $366 million a year earlier.

reconciliˈation ˌstatement ACCOUNTING FINANCE
a statement that explains a difference between two related sets of accounts
ˌsource and appliˌcation of ˈfunds ˌstatement , sources and applications of funds statement ACCOUNTING FINANCE
a particular form of the funds flow statement:

• As the source and application of funds statement reveals, an increase of £162,000 in the company's cash balances was only made possible by a loan of £350,000.

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statement UK US /ˈsteɪtmənt/ noun [C]
COMMUNICATIONS something that you say or write officially: make/release/issue a statement »

She thought the executives were likely to make a statement after the meeting.

a written/public/joint statement »

The company put out a written statement but refused requests for press interviews.

say sth in a statement »

'Business gathered momentum again in Germany following two years of decline,' the company said in a statement.

BANKING a printed or electronic record of the money that is paid into or taken out of your bank account during a particular period of time: »

You can log on and read your statements online.

See also BANK STATEMENT(Cf. ↑bank statement)
ACCOUNTING, FINANCE a printed or electronic document showing that money has been paid or received: »

Each employee receives a formal annual statement of the monetary value of the benefits they are receiving from the company.


A confirmation statement will be sent following all transactions other than those involving a reinvestment of dividends.

See also AVERAGE STATEMENT(Cf. ↑average statement), BANK STATEMENT(Cf. ↑bank statement), CHAIRMAN'S STATEMENT(Cf. ↑chairman's statement), COMPLETION STATEMENT(Cf. ↑completion statement), ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT(Cf. ↑environmental impact statement), FINANCIAL STATEMENT(Cf. ↑financial statement), FUNDS FLOW STATEMENT(Cf. ↑funds flow statement), INCOME STATEMENT(Cf. ↑income statement), MISSION STATEMENT(Cf. ↑mission statement), PERSONAL STATEMENT(Cf. ↑personal statement), PROXY STATEMENT(Cf. ↑proxy statement), RECONCILIATION STATEMENT(Cf. ↑reconciliation statement), REGISTRATION STATEMENT(Cf. ↑registration statement), TRADING STATEMENT(Cf. ↑trading statement)

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